About us

What we do

Public baths are a great way to relax and joy the culture of Japan. However sometimes people find it difficult because they have tattoos or are new to onsen culture. This website designed to help people make their visit to public baths in Japan easier. We especially cater to people with tattoos who may find it difficult to access and enjoy public baths.

Why we do

Historically people with tattoos have had problems entering public baths because of the association tattoos have to the Japanese Mafia – or ‘yakuza’. We want to get rid of this negative stereotype. We understand that it is fashionable for many foreigners to have tattoos without any associations to crime. We want to bridge a connection between people with tattoos and Japanese people. We do this by putting people with tattoos in contact with onsens that understand the cultural differences and welcome all people to enjoy their relaxing baths. Please feel free to use our search engine and map to find such a place and experience the wonders of a Japanese onsen.