Trendy Tattoos Will Be Allowed to Enter Public Baths in Japan

People who have freckles spend a lot of time wishing they didn’t have them – while others would do anything to get them.
Now artificial freckle by tattooing is kind of trend overseas.
Freckle tattooing is a similar process to the popular eyebrow beautifying trend of microblading, involving subtle pigments meant to add a natural-looking accent to the face.
According to a Montreal cosmetic tattoo artist, Gabrielle Rainbow, another type of customer is the person who develops freckles in the summer sun, but wants to keep them all year round.
As you may know, public baths(onsen/sento) in Japan don’t allow people who have tattoos to enter.
No matter if they are 正義(Japanese character for justice), Super Mario(famous character of Nintendo) or Goku(famous character of animation show, Dragon Ball).
However, freckle tattoos will be allowed because the staff of public baths cannot be sure whether they are tattoos or not.

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