This hot spring is on the hill where you can enjoy a magnificent location. Especially in the night, the beautiful night views of Maebashi, Takasaki and Shibukawa spread like a panorama. An open-air bath is also popular.


Adult (junior high school age and over) ¥300Pre-school children Free

Opening Hours
Everyday 10:00am-4:00pm

Only Japanese available

5-605 Shimohakoda, Hokkitsu-machi, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma 377-0061

The way to get here without driving

Takasaki station is the hub station in Gunma prefecture. There are many hotel, restaurant and shops for souvenirs. A good thing is convenient to access from Tokyo. It takes 50 minutes by a bullet train (shinkansen) to Takasaki station from Tokyo station.

Let’s start to trip to “Bandounoyu” from Takasaki station.

Need to take Joetsu Line or Agatsuma Line to Shibukawa station so you can check
which platform you should be with below monitor near ticket gate.

After 25 minutes taking, you will reach Shibukawa station and there is an English brochure for sightseeing around Shibukawa city.

The Next step is taking a taxi to get to “bandounoyu”. Many taxies wait in front of the station so don’t worry about calling it. However, it is difficult to understand any English for the driver.

So please challenge to say in Japanese as below
“Bandounoyu ma de onegai shimasu”

If it doesn’t work show the driver below.

After 15 minutes, here you come.

The Pictures

Inside bath

Open-air bath

Entrance of male and female. Please remember that normally blue stands for male then red stands for female.

Interview with the manager

Why they welcome people who have tattoos

This facility was built by Shibukawa city office and the private company has been outsourced. The city office wanted the owner of private company to accept tattooed people though the owner already decided so because he wanted to protect all of the human rights.

Recommended season

Winter is best to see beautiful scenery from the open-air bath

The manager’s comment

We always welcome everyone. Please keep good manners so that you will make friends while bathing.


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